2017: The Year of Growth

2017: The Year of Growth

Congratulations: you made it through 2016! The Worst Year Ever is officially over and done with, and even though it’s only day four, I would say that 2017 is already shaping up to be better (admittedly, the bar isn’t very high). Behold: my first graphic of the year!


It took me a couple of days to figure out exactly where I wanted to go with this post, but I ended up deciding to share my resolutions and how I plan to keep them. I know, I know: a new year isn’t special, you can always set goals and fail or succeed in keeping them. I’m a bit of a cynic myself, but I’ve always felt that there’s something special about the thought of having a fresh start every 365 days. Maybe I just like purchasing new planners, or maybe I’m in a better mood because it’s winter. Whatever it is, I’ve had decent success with maintaining resolutions, and I don’t plan on 2017 being an exception! Here’s a little list:


Some of these are pretty obvious resolutions: I always try to be healthier, and I’m hoping my new Fitbit will be a help with that. I want to write more, both for this blog and for Her Campus. I’m excited to read more, because I feel like reading has escaped me a bit in recent years. It used to be my favorite activity, but being busy with school has made me reluctant to sit down with a good book. This year, that’s going to change!

In terms of academic goals, I’m planning on joining Ad Club and Quotes (PR club) at UCF to complement my major. Hopefully, this will help me with networking and open up some new opportunities in my field. I’m determined to achieve a 4.0 in the spring semester, and by June I’ll be applying to UCF’s Ad-PR program to make my major official.

I think the goals I’ve set for myself this year are fantastic, and I’m excited to tackle each one of them. In my opinion, the key to successful resolutions lies in making them broad, but feasible. Don’t give yourself tough guidelines, like following a strict diet for example. Instead, try to make consistent changes to steer yourself in a healthier direction. Exercise a couple times a week, or pass on the tortilla chips at Chipotle. Make 2017 a year of personal growth, and don’t beat yourself up if you only meet some of your goals. Even a little progress is progress!

This was a short post, but I’ll be updating again soon! Tomorrow I’m heading to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios to christen my newly-renewed annual pass, so you can expect a post about how much fun I had! Until then, I hope the new year brings you happiness and the strength to meet your goals.

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