What’s In My Disney Bag?

in my Disney bag

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own. Thank you so much to Dani Bucaro for these amazing photos!

So you’re taking a Disney trip — that’s awesome! You probably already have the basics figured out: your hotel (or your ride), your FastPasses, your must-do meet and greets. But have you figured out what’s going to be in your Disney bag yet? It may sound silly, but the contents of your bag can make or break your day in the parks! There are so many things you can bring to make your day go a little bit smoother, from snacks to Minnie ears and everything in between. Here’s a look at what’s in my Disney bag to help you plan the best day ever:

in my Disney bag
in my Disney bag

Park Essentials

Many of the things in my Disney bag are a matter of preference, but obviously there are certain things that you just have to bring to the parks. Let’s cover the essentials first!

Backpack (duh)

I mean, you can’t really have anything inside your Disney bag if you don’t have the bag itself. I prefer to bring a backpack for the convenience, but sometimes I mix it up and go with a fanny pack! Right now, I’m obsessed with my High Sierra Elly Backpack. It comes with a matching accessory pouch that’s perfect for storing the pins you want to trade, and it’s super comfortable too!

in my Disney bag
in my Disney bag

…speaking of pins, does anyone else feel like they got into the pin trading game super late? I just recently figured out how fun it is to swap pins with cast members, and now I pretty much never go to the parks without a couple pins on hand! I traded for all of the pins that I have on my bag in the above pictures, and even though they aren’t rare or anything, I love them so much — especially my little Orange Bird!

Another thing I love about my Elly backpack is the fact that the side pockets are the perfect size for the next thing in my Disney bag:

Water Bottle

Unless you’re looking to drop a bunch of money on water in the park, you should definitely bring a water bottle with you. Sure, you could wait in line at a bunch of quick-service restaurants for a free cup, but isn’t it easier (and better for the environment) just to bring your own bottle? I’ve been using the S’well bottle that I received at Her Conference, but any insulated water bottle should do the job of keeping your water cool in the Florida heat.

in my Disney bag

Park Gear

To wear Minnie ears or to not wear Minnie ears? The answer is almost always to wear Minnie ears, but let’s face it: they’re not always super comfortable. A few hours of wearing a tight headband can lead to a migraine for the rest of the day! Make sure your backpack can fit your Minnie ears if you get tired of wearing them, or even if you just need to store them someplace when you hop on a ride.

Something else that I always keep in my Disney bag is my annual passholder card! I use my MagicBand for my FastPasses and park entry, but you need your card to get your shopping and dining discounts. That 10-20% discount can go a long way, especially if you buy as many snacks as I do.

in my Disney bag


…speaking of snacks, you might want to put a few of those in your Disney bag too. Even though I usually end up buying at least one churro and probably some chicken nuggets on every Disney trip, I always try to bring a granola or protein bar with me too. Lately, I’ve been addicted to GōL Bars by Garden of Life! They’re high in protein and fiber with no added sugars, so they’re guilt-free enough to make that extra churro a little less painful.

in my Disney bag


Is it ridiculous to bring makeup and beauty products to a theme park? If so, I would rather you didn’t tell me. I can’t get through a hot Florida day without freshening up a little bit, and these products are perfect to help take care of that:


You will literally never find me without transparent setting powder in my backpack. Seriously, whether I’m at Disney or on campus at UCF, I always have setting powder. What can I say? It’s the easiest way to keep your face shine-free. My go-to is It Cosmetics Pressed Powder!

I also hate getting chapped lips, so you’ll rarely find me without some chapstick on hand — usually my First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy. As for lip color, my current favorite is Almay Goddess Gloss! It’s moisturizing and goes on super smooth, which is awesome because I can’t stand when lipgloss is sticky. Nothing spruces up a look after a few hours in the heat like a fresh coat of gloss!

in my Disney bag


The only thing worse than dealing with chapped lips all day? Dealing with dry skin! Moisturizer is usually in all of my bags, and my Disney bag is no exception. I love to use Lemon + Sage Body Butter by Bliss! It’s not even a little bit greasy, and the scent is amazing. Highly recommend! 

While we’re on skincare, throw some hand sanitizer in your Disney bag as well. Theme parks are basically giant petri dishes, and the more germs you can keep off your skin the less likely you are to end up sick.

in my Disney bag

I hope taking a look at what’s in my Disney bag helps you out when you’re deciding what to put in yours! Let me know in the comments below if I left out one of your must-haves for a day in the parks. For example, I almost included an umbrella in this post, but to be honest I’m always too lazy to lug one around. Oh well!

I’m still planning on putting together a summary of how much I love Toy Story Land, so be on the lookout for that post! My semester at UCF just started, so the next couple of weeks might be a little busy, but I promise I’ll have it up sometime in September. In the meantime, be sure to hit me up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to follow along with Disney adventures! Until the next post!

in my Disney bag
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