My Halloween Horror Nights 2017 Must-Do’s

Happy Halloween, blog-reading dudes! (Get it? It’s a Bill and Ted reference!) I know, I know – I’ve written a lot of posts about Halloween Horror Nights this month. But let’s be real – I had to post something spooky today, and what could be spookier than my Halloween Horror Nights 2017 Must-Do’s? Plus, I went again last week and I had my best time yet! I took more gnarly scareactor photos in the different Scare Zones, and I even got to meet Bill and Ted after their show!! (More on that later.) For now, get ready to read my five Halloween Horror Nights 2017 Must-Do’s:

1. All of the Scare Zones

I was only going to include my favorite Scare Zone on this list, but then I realized that I couldn’t just pick one! All of the Scare Zones have their own charm this year, from the spooky and beautiful “Trick r’ Treat” to the whimsical and alien-swarmed “Invasion!” Halloween Horror Nights mostly takes place in the evening, but to get the most out of your Scare Zone experience, I recommend checking all of them out before it gets dark too! This allows you to take in any thematic details you might have missed, plus its an awesome opportunity for pictures. If you’re unsure just how to go about taking those photos, check out my blog post on photographing scareactors! Here’s a look at my shots from each of the Scare Zones this year:

The Purge

halloween horror nights 2017 must-do's

halloween horror nights 2017 must-do's

Trick r’ Treat

halloween horror nights 2017 must-do's

halloween horror nights 2017 must-do's


halloween horror nights 2017 must-do's

halloween horror nights 2017 must-do's

Festival of the Deadliest

halloween horror nights 2017 must-do's

halloween horror nights 2017 must-do's

Bonus: Roaming Clowns

halloween horror nights 2017 must-do's

2. My Top Three Houses

It wouldn’t be a list of Halloween Horror Nights 2017 must-do’s without houses! Ideally, you would visit every single haunted house this year, because they’re all fantastic! However, as you probably know if you’ve been to Hallowed Horror Nights before, it can be hard to accomplish that in one night. You should at least try to visit these three though!

Scarecrow: The Reaping

Easily the scariest house, this is a can’t-miss! The set design and costuming are mind-blowing, and there’s a particularly cool (and gross) effect involving birds near the end of the house that takes this house to the next level of immersive. Be on the lookout for a particularly awesome scareactor toward the end of the house – you’ll know it when you see him!

The Shining

While it might not be the scariest house, The Shining is easily the most stunning. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll appreciate the feeling of stepping into the real-life version of the Overlook Hotel. If you haven’t, you’ll still be able to marvel at the snowy hedge maze and detailed hallways and rooms. Also, what do you mean you haven’t seen The Shining?! Go fix that, and then go visit this house. Just watch out for Jack and his axe, and you’ll be good!

Dead Waters

This house took me a few times to really appreciate, but oh my gosh. It’s gorgeous, and I’ve gotten better and better scares each time I walked through! The beautiful riverboat façade makes this house the most impressive in terms of set design, and the incredible details once you walk inside are even more impressive. Keep an eye out for the Voodoo Queen – she’s kind of the star of this show!

I’ll stop ranting about the houses now, since I already wrote a blog post with my rankings of all of them. Check it out if you want more details!

3. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure

Fun fact: I’m a huge Bill & Ted fangirl. Their Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey are two of my favorite movies! As you might have guessed, I’m obsessed with the stage show too, so of course its on my list of Halloween Horror Nights 2017 must-do’s! I’m so sad that this is the last year of this hilarious show, but luckily, the farewell tour doesn’t disappoint! The skewering of pop culture is as savage as ever (a Moana bit in particular had me crying with laughter), and of course there’s plenty of 80’s rock music to accompany the comedic antics. You’ll definitely want to see this show before its gone!

I was lucky enough to get to meet Bill, Ted, and Death after the show last week, all thanks to my amazing friend Marley! Check out the picture we got and tell me she and I don’t look exactly like the girl versions of Bill and Ted:

halloween horror nights 2017 must-do's

4. Academy of Villains: Afterlife

I’m a huge fan of dance crews, and seeing Academy of Villains is always one of my favorite parts of Halloween Horror Nights! I’ve been obsessed with them ever since they were on So You Think You Can Dance, and their show is such a blast! Unfortunately, I’ve been too busy yelling at the stage and dancing along to actually take any photos, but you can check out a video of their performance here. Or better yet, go see them in person! Maybe you’ll even get called up on stage and get to show off your own dance skills!

5. Diagon Alley

I know, I know, this isn’t a Halloween Horror Nights attraction. But visiting Diagon Alley when it’s way less crowded than usual is a huge bonus that comes with HHN! You can get a butterbeer and just take a break from all of the screaming and jump scares, or you can take advantage of the short wait time for Escape from Gringotts! Plus, there’s some spooky photo opportunities sprinkled throughout the area. If you know me, you know how much I love to take pictures, so of course I had to put this on my Halloween Horror Nights 2017 must-do’s list!

If you haven’t been to Halloween Horror Nights yet, you still have the rest of this week to check it out! It’s usually much less crowded after Halloween just in case my must-do’s weren’t enough to convince you to go. I hope this post was helpful if you’re on the fence about checking HHN out this year! You really should – it’s one of the strongest years in recent memory, and it’s been my favorite thing about the past month and half! If you’ve already been, what are your Halloween Horror Nights 2017 must-do’s? Let me know in a comment!

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