Galentine’s Day!

Galentine’s Day!

Oh, gosh – it’s been over a month since my last post! Fortunately, you haven’t missed much. Here’s a quick summary: I’ve been pretty busy enjoying my classes this semester (and hanging out at Disney in my free time, of course). I’m in three classes for my majors this semester – Principles of Advertising, Public Relations, and American National Government – and I love them all! My math class, on the other hand, I could do without. Luckily, I’ll be completely done with math forever and all eternity after this semester! I joined a new club, Ad Club, and I’m going to an internship fair in March as a member, so fingers crossed that I can score some cool offers while I’m there…and that’s what you missed on Glee.

Now that those formalities are out of the way, on to the true purpose of this post: my friends and I celebrated Galentine’s Day this week, and of course I had to write about it as soon as possible! If you haven’t watched Parks and Recreation (you should), then you might not be aware of Galentine’s Day, which occurs on February 13th. It’s a day, as Leslie Knope once said, dedicated to “ladies celebrating ladies.” This was my first year celebrating Galentine’s Day properly, and it was so much fun – especially because my wonderful friends and I decided to go to the Magic Kingdom for the festivities! Becky and I headed there at the crack of noon to drink coffee, eat pastries and, of course, see Festival of Fantasy!

After dancing and singing along with FoF, we were off to hang out with the most entertaining/obnoxious guy in the Kingdom: Gaston, of course! His chauvinism kinda clashed with our girl power Galentine’s vibe, but hey, he’s a fun time.


Next stop: back to Cinderella’s Castle to meet up with Emily and Lena! After we watched Royal Friendship Faire, a staple of any trip to the Magic Kingdom, we headed to Liberty Square to watch the Muppets sing about great moments in history (but just the American parts). I’m biased, because I absolutely love anything involving the Muppets, but I think Great Moments in History is one of the best shows on property because it’s so witty and funny! There’s a couple of different shows throughout the day, so check them all out! We also hung out near some cute doors in Liberty Square and had a mini photoshoot…

Next stop on our Galentine’s Day adventure? The famous Purple Wall! If you’re into the Disney blogging or social media scene, you’ve probably seen at least some photos taken in front of this wall at the entrance to Tomorrowland. I can’t really explain why every photo taken here comes out so good – maybe it’s that infamous Disney Magic? Or it could just be the fact that the lighting is somehow always perfect.

I’m on the left (duh), then Becky, Emily, and Lena! (Shoutout to the super nice girls who took our group photo – thanks ladies!) UCF has honestly blessed me with the best friends I could ask for, and I’m so thankful. Galentine’s Day would be super dull if I didn’t have them to share it with (plus they usually laugh at my jokes)!

After our Purple Wall photoshoot, Parker met up with us, thus completing the gang! We made a quick stop at the Carousel of Progress (aka the greatest experience on Disney property) and then headed to Princess Fairytale Hall to cap off the evening with our favorite Disney ladies.

That about caps off my recap of my first Galentine’s Day! If you liked this post, you should definitely check out Lena’s vlog about our day! You’ll get to witness me accidentally moonwalking into a couple of ladies who were not very understanding of my need to dance. Thanks for reading, and I promise my next post will be sooner than a month away!

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