New Beginnings

Hi MTV, and welcome to my blog! This is where I’ll be rambling about a variety of things, from college to coding to fitness, as well as everyday events occurring in my life. I’m starting my freshman year at UCF in just over six weeks, so I figure now is as good a time as any to begin documenting my journey. There are a lot of things I want to accomplish in the coming months: cook more often, learn various coding languages, eat clean and stay fit. Hopefully, maintaining a blog will help me to hold myself accountable to those goals!

I chose to major in information technology at UCF, a degree which will hopefully lead to my employment as a web/mobile app developer or something of the sort! I love to code; currently, I’m learning HTML/CSS and Python. I’m also working on C programming, since I’ll have to take a class on that my first semester. Basically, information technology is a great fit for me! However, one of my first and longest-standing passions is writing. That’s another reason why I’ll be updating this blog – I want to keep my writing muscles flexible and strong! One of my goals for the coming months is to write for the UCF chapter of HerCampus. I’ll be working on my application for that soon, and you can bet you’ll see some practice pieces on this blog before I actually apply.

I hope that reading this introduction wasn’t too exhausting, and that you decide to keep up with my blog! I’ll try to post at least weekly. Until next time!